Quassia labs ltd a Company incubated by Royal Road Accelerator

The Royal Road Accelerator is a wholly- owned subsidiary of British-based, Royal Road Minerals Ltd, a mineral exploration and development company focused on discovering new resources, crucial for the world’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production.

Seeking to push the boundaries of sustainability performance, by identifying new approaches and trialing innovative initiatives to change the mining paradigm, Royal Road created the Accelerator. 

The Accelerator identifies and incubates new, environmentally responsible, innovative and scalable commercial enterprises within rural communities. Once potentially commercial projects are identified, they are financed, advanced and then spun-out as new independent enterprises with new sources of investment providing new income, new jobs and new hope.

That is the case for Quassia labs Ltd, which was incorporated in April 2022 as an independent company to produce bio-solutions required by today’s horticulture. 

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