About Us

Innovating in plant protection

Insects, fungi and plants have been coevolving for thousands of years. As a consequence, plants have developed a complex array of substances with biological activity, including bio-fungicides and bio-insecticides. 

We believe in understanding plant chemistry to develop a new generation of safe and efficient biologicals. The possibilities are endless.

Our beginnings

Our journey begun seeking for a natural treatment for the beehive mite, a destructive parasite killing thousands of bees globally.  We are developing products and delivery systems that provide mite control with no ill effects on the bees.

Discovery and Quest

From our humble beginnings, we started to develop different extracts for controlling pests, ectoparasites and fungal diseases, seeking to develop high-end formulations, and providing consistent control.

We are only scratching the surface in terms of the massive number of substances with potential use in agriculture. Join us in our quest for a plant-based plant health

Our Presence

There are exciting things on the horizon. Keep watching for it!